The World Of Love Tarots

The World Of Love Tarots

The World Of Love Tarots

Love is an amazing experience. We are sent down on Earth to experience love, to cherish our moments with our partner, and live a meaningful life with it.

“Love is war”, “love is a battlefield”, are just limited and wicked perspectives of love, and end up demonising it. But, we believe that love is all that motivates us to live our lives to the fullest, be good to others, and be the best versions of ourselves.

Tarot cards can help us in a great way, with cards that are specifically known as love tarots. Love tarot reading is a type of tarot reading that focuses on a person’s love life and relationships.

In this type of reading, you select one card from the major arcana and one from the minor one. When combined, these cards can help you gain insight into your current relationship, or if you are single, help you seek love, or help with the crush that you always fantasise about. It’s the simplicity yet genuine methods of the process because of which love tarot has quickly become popular among the youth.

Below we have mentioned three (out of many others that you can know about for yourself, with our love tarot reading services) cards from the major arcana, along with the meanings they possess when interpreted.

  1. Ten Of Cups – This card signifies that all your emotional needs will be fulfilled by your partner. This can prove in lasting happiness and a very strong foundation of the relationship. The other side is that a person who gets this card, may get so overcome with emotions that they may end up losing the sense of what’s real.
  2. The Lovers – This card shows that physical attraction can lead us to someone, starting love and romance between us and that person. It also signifies the physical intimacy in a relationship. On the flip side, this may lead us to think whether everything between us and that person is just physical and lacks commitment, in that case, it tells us to give another thought to this romance.
  3. Nine of Cups – This signifies that a wish of ours, related to love or a relationship, is going to be fulfilled soon. While this card signifies positive things in all aspects of life, the flip side can be that in the celebration of getting what we have always wanted from the universe, we might end up not seeing a person for who they really are, and miss out on the relationship.

From the minor arcana, The Pentacles signify being secure, The Swords signify being understood, The Wands signify passion, and The Cups signify creativity.

As you have come to learn from this post, a love tarot can be very useful for you when it comes to relationships or even when you are single. That is why, get your love tarot reading from us today, to know more about what the other cards signify and when the passion of romance is going to be ignited in your life.