Think You’ve Gained Weight This Winter? Check Out These Squirrels

A. In reality, many squirrels do obtain big weight acquire forward of the privations of winter.

Widespread grey squirrels could enhance their weight by 25 % within the harvest season. However not as a result of they hibernate — they don’t.

Winter foraging is difficult, and grey squirrels are inclined to spend the winter months largely of their nests. However they have to make forays each few days to hunt squirreled-away meals and different nourishment.

Amongst hibernating squirrels, a lot of the saved nourishment is required to outlive the chilly season with out foraging. A examine of the Arctic floor squirrel discovered excessive weight positive aspects in the course of the energetic season: 42 % amongst males and 63 % amongst females. They sluggish their exercise drastically earlier than hibernating in an effort to keep peak mass.

Whereas some do emerge from winter lighter, a major share of their fats shops could stay.

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