April 20 – May 20


  • Taurus Horoscope for Tuesday, June 18, 2019

    Lighten your load. Open your heart. The world is your playground and your inner child is looking for playmates. Maybe you`ll hook up with some free-spirited grown-ups, but maybe you`ll go right to the source. If you don`t have actual children of your own, perhaps you can borrow some from a friend or relative. This is about spending quality time, not just baby-sitting. Lower or raise yourself to kid height, depending on how you look at that level of elevation. Let your guard down, use your imagination and laugh a lot. You won`t want to stop. […]


  • Taurus Horoscope from 06/17/2019 to 06/23/2019

    You dream of romance, pleasure or a vacation for now, but your situation won't allow it just yet. Tackle chores these days and you'll succeed. One or two long-standing duties will disappear over the days ahead, to be replaced by new ones, do make sure you're trading value for value. Relationships, opportunities and challenges, contracts, agreements and opposition, relocation, litigation, increased dealings with the public - these occur late this week and continue to progress as the week and the next appear. Don't fight for now. […]