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Looking for another, one other buddy, Julia, swears by melatonin or marijuana extracts. An artificial type of melatonin, a hormone produced by the mind, has been authorized by the F.D.A. as a dietary complement and a few researchers imagine it helps with the reminiscence loss, melancholy, nightmares and confusion attending most cancers remedy. Julia, a therapist, has sufferers who’ve been helped by marijuana-related sleep aids containing CBD or THC. CBD oils (cannabinoids extracted from hemp vegetation) don’t produce the excessive of marijuana, whereas THC merchandise (tetrahydrocannabinol from hashish vegetation) do.

In our nation, the legality of their use differs by state. CBD merchandise are usually obtainable, whereas the legality of THC in addition to marijuana is evolving. That marijuana has been labeled a Schedule 1 managed substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration deters researchers from testing cannabinoids, in response to the American Most cancers Society.

Whereas Traci and Julia touted CBD or THC tinctures and vapes, salves and candies, I spotted that I had no concept how they might work together with the experimental drug I take each day in my scientific trial. Additionally, many of those commodities should not properly regulated by way of precisely what’s in them or what dosages must be. Neither is it clear how or whether or not they work. So I whittled down slivers of Ambien and stayed on target.

Then one other member of my most cancers help group, Dana, lent me her copy of “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Energy of Sleep and Desires.” Its creator, the neuroscientist Matthew Walker, argues that eight hours of sleeping lowers the danger of coronary heart assaults, stroke, diabetes and most cancers. What I noticed on this record was a bleak subtext: The insomnia usually produced by most cancers remedy undermines the physique’s potential to guard itself from most cancers and different ills. Simply as frightful, Dr. Walker wonders whether or not medication-induced sleep gives “the identical restorative immune advantages” as pure sleep.

Most cancers sufferers want robust immune programs to chase away recurrence, so possibly we shouldn’t be taking sleeping tablets in any respect. Stunned by Dr. Walker’s analysis, I studied the Nationwide Institutes of Well being’s record of excellent “sleep hygiene” practices and examine cognitive habits remedy for insomnia, or CBT-I, which gives strategies in meditation, picture visualization and rest.