Psychic Readings vs Tarot

Psychic Readings vs Tarot

Psychic Readings vs Tarot

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In the last two posts, we have explored the origin and applications of Tarot, and learned about psychic readings. These lead us to wonder what is exactly the difference between them. Read below as we explore this.

To begin with, Tarot means “Wheel Of Life”, and after its first origination as a game of cards, it soon became a way for people to tap into the subconscious of our minds and help us learn about the future. In the beginning, tarot cards were condemned by people for they were mysterious, but as time passed and people’s interests in the spiritual world grew, the cards quickly rose to popularity.

Tarot cards are a pack of 78 cards, which is divided into two parts, Major arcana and Minor arcana. The major arcana consists of 22 cards which help us in understanding the more important aspects of a human’s life, like, spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional aspects.

The other arcana, minor arcana consists of 56 cards which are divided into four parts – pentacles, wands, swords and cups. These help in interpreting the cards from the major arcana, so these can be considered to be support cards.

Unlike Tarot cards which are systematic and require a particular set of knowledge for one to interpret them, Psychic readings on the other hand, require the person to be “special”, or well-known to the spiritual world. Psychics are people who have special paranormal powers which help them tap into one’s subconscious mind and reveal important knowledge about the future.

Psychic readers are able to sense different force fields and auras around people, helping them know more than what meets the eye.

The biggest and most obvious difference that we can come upon from our knowledge of both of the subjects, is that tarot card reading can be learned as there are many guides available which can help the regular joe learn tarot card reading, and interpret the cards to gain insight into one’s life.

On the other hand, not everyone can be a psychic reader. These are gifted people who are able to sense auras and learn more about the future, ever since they are young, although, some of them realise this ability later in life. Psychic abilities are also passed down from generations to generations.

The other difference is that tarot cards can only tell you about the present while psychics can help you learn from the past or know about the future.    While both can help you gain insight into the future, some people prefer tarot and some psychic readings, all based on which one they are comfortable with.

The people who prefer psychic reading, say that they do so because it helps them feel closer to the reader, and they feel that the reader isn’t focused on the cards, but on them. Plus, some also think that tarot card readers are nothing without the cards, but psychic readers don’t rely on anything other than their gifts, which can often be a sign of a more accurate reader. It’s not really true, but a common belief.