Feb 19 – March 20


  • Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, December 15, 2018

    Beautiful words appear out of thin air today, almost as if by magic. You are the master of all languages, whether verbal, symbolic or telepathic. No thought is too complex or powerful to express. Make sure you have a pen and some paper nearby so you can write down every idea that comes to mind. Tonight, understanding others is the beginning of peaceful coexistence. Give someone else a chance to explain his or her point of view before you add your comments. […]


  • Pisces Horoscope from 12/10/2018 to 12/16/2018

    Take mild care with driving, speech and tools this week. Your home life lures you and you can enjoy withdrawal, rest, family comforts and nature's great health. But legal, relationship, and travel matters can spark disruptions or arguments. Be diplomatic. Romance, creative urges, pleasure and speculative interests, and the joys of children proceed successfully. You're attracted to older or younger prospects through mid-week. You might take a step here and there for now. Work, duties confuse you as the week edges on. […]