July 23 – Aug 22


  • Leo Horoscope for Friday, April 26, 2019

    Once the day`s tasks are done, you may be planning a big night out on the town. Maybe it`s time to get tickets to a large public event, like a sporting event or a concert. While you always enjoy music, you aren`t generally physically demonstrative, feeling too self-conscious to dance in the aisles, sing along or clap your hands. Tonight`s different, though. You shrug off your self-imposed limitations and throw yourself into the spirit of the occasion. You may even end up in the mosh pit. […]


  • Leo Horoscope from 04/22/2019 to 04/28/2019

    You've had a challenging period in relationships. If single, you've met the eccentric and the stubborn. If married, your mate has grown increasing unpredictable. Yet it's been an invigorating time, too and you just might have met your true mate. The week ahead brings both a climax and an end to this intense relationship period. So grab opportunities in relationships, love, public-fame, and business zones. But wait until after the middle of the week to take legal, travel, and document signing actions. You're impressive for now, Leo. Money problems arise though. Good communications are in as the week ends. […]