May 21 – June 21


  • Gemini Horoscope for Friday, April 26, 2019

    You`re in one of those moods that captivates and exasperates your special someone. Loving and concerned one minute and off in your own imaginary world the next, your partner can`t keep up with your quicksilver moods. It`s not that you`re intentionally toying with their affections. It`s just that you have so much on your mind that you simply cannot stay in one groove for very long. You try to bring them along with you, but some of these mental journeys have only enough room for one. […]


  • Gemini Horoscope from 04/22/2019 to 04/28/2019

    Write, travel, contact others, handle paperwork this week as success is certain. Your actions could trigger a very pleasing answer or small event by the middle of the week. The week ahead features success in higher education, international travel/dealings, religion, philosophy, advertising, publishing, social rituals, mellowness, and, perhaps, love. Be understanding, tolerant. Realize good partners are not going to enter your life before this weekend. But that's no reason to not appreciate your attraction of the moment - especially these days, when romance, creativity and pleasure soar. Take care of home problems as the week ends. […]