March 21 – April 19


  • Aries Horoscope for Thursday, May 23, 2019

    New adventures are waiting for you if you are willing to take a more proactive approach to life. You have an abundance of energy, and it would be to your advantage to try to harness it and put it toward doing something you`ve always thought about but never had the courage to do. If no one else is willing to step up and make suggestions, the plan is going to have to come directly from you. Don`t be afraid to express your ideas with confidence -- even if everything doesn`t go exactly as planned, the events you have in store will still be pretty fun! […]


  • Aries Horoscope from 05/20/2019 to 05/26/2019

    Gentle love mixes with lust where old flames or ongoing relationships are concerned and new attractions won't be able to hurdle all the obstacles this week, Aries. The accent lies on far travel, legal matters, religion and philosophy, other cultures, scholars, higher learning, media and again, brand new starts are not recommended. A major financial trend is ending; in the week, money won't matter so much. Yet you'll make much more in the weeks to come. The restrictions and glitches of the last few weeks will begin to lift from sexual, health, research and lifestyle arenas. […]